Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update time...

I should've posted this last week...sorry. I sometimes tend to procrastinate. We had our weekly visit to the high risk OB and ultrasound on Tuesday (12/29/09). Baylee was a little sleepy so she wasn't SUPER active like usual. She is just like me....not a morning person! The good news (we think its good news) is that there has been no change. As far as they can tell its still the stomach and part of the small intestine there. They said everything else looked okay. My fluid level is still a little high but the doctor said it hasn't gotten worse. She's about 2lbs. 4 oz., they said she was in the 47th percentile in growth. She is growing well. My blood pressure was 142/82...its slowly creeping and that worries me a little but I am taking my meds like they told me.

We have a couple appointments this week. We have a repeat ECHO on Tuesday and a high risk OB/US appointment on Wednesday. I'm nervous about the ECHO. I just hope things are still ok with her heart! My grandparents are coming up to babysit Noah (Tyler will be back in school) on Tuesday and my dad is coming to help on Wednesday.

It is soooooo cold here. I think the temperature tonight is suppose to be 14 degrees! I'm going to find something to snuggle!

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