Sunday, January 10, 2010

More visits...

I am so bad about posting on time! I really do have good intentions to do it the same day as my appointments but this past week was so OVERWHELMING!

We had a repeat echo on January 7th. Baylee was practicing her gymnastics during the whole thing! They chased and chased her. When they got what they needed she would decide to flip and make them work for it...that's my girl :)

The cardiologists said she saw all four chambers of the heart. She also said that the heart appeared to have developed normally but was displaced to the right due to the hernia. She wasn't able to see the tricuspid valve clearly. She didn't think it was anything wrong at all, Baylee just wasn't making it easy to see anything. Instead of having to come back again she suggested we wait until birth to do an echo (they had planned to anyway)and an ultrasound of her heart.

The next day was my first "official" high risk OB appointment and ultrasound. We scheduled the ultrasound at the Fetal Care Center in the same building as my new OB thinking it would be much more convient...we were soooooo wrong. I am a pretty patient person with waiting at appointments. I understand that people get behind due to various uncontrolled situations but we walked int our US appointment and saw the looks on everyone's faces. They looked like they had been there for months. People kept coming out of the back rooms but no one went in. We waited 2 hours for the US almost missing my OB appointment.

The US tech was very nice and showed us in detail a lot we hadn't ever seen (the actual stomach in the chest). The doctor read the results and said the only change she saw was my fluid levels had stablilzed. They weren't high at all! Baylee's estimated weight was 2 lbs. 11ozs. We're happy with that!

My OB appointment was a not so great experience. I've been a little dizzy all week and I'm pretty sure its my blood pressure so I wanted to see what they would say. No such luck. We met with the nurse that does the new OB visits and went over the EXACT same questions they asked at my former OB's first appointment. Family history, my health history, etc. My charts from my old OB had all that info on them and all she had to do was LOOK! It took forever! They even drew first appointment labs (HIV, CBC, etc) that was done 7 months before!

The real kicker is that she insisted I see the nutrionist because of my gestational diabetes.I was diabetic with Noah and took the entire class on nutrition and managing blood sugars and all of it. I was on insulin with him and I've been on it this time already for 8 months. My blood sugars are better than they've ever been. My weight is good. I really can't add one more weekly appointment to my load!!!!

I never got to see the doctor. I go this week (Tuesday). I have another US on the 22nd. I'm anxious to see how much she weighs!

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